Your Lawn And Garden Checklist

Lawn And Garden

You want to have the most beautiful yard on your block, but you don’t know how to go about achieving this goal. One way to do it is to hire a landscaper. Then again, that’s the easy way. There are two major negatives with hiring a landscaper.

One, it’s expensive. You will likely end up spending well over $1,000 per year. In addition to the weekly visit, your landscaper is probably going to present other problems that need handling – problems he can handle for the right price. Yes, that’s called an up sell, and even landscapers use the tactic. The second reason hiring a landscaper may not be a good idea is because you will appear lazy to your neighbors; if you’re not concerned with your reputation, then disregard. If you do care about how you appear to others, then you might want to break out a pen and paper and jot down the following items you will need to get your lawn and garden beautiful.

The first thing you need is a lawnmower. You will find a wide range when it comes to price, but you will actually be saving time and money by going with a more expensive model. The higher-end lawnmowers tend to last many years, sometimes past a decade. The cheaper lawnmowers will only last 2-3 years in most cases. You can buy a push mower, which is likely to last longer, but it won’t be nearly as effective as an engine-powered mower. It will also take you a lot longer to mow the lawn.

Now, if you really want your lawn to look great, then you need a trimmer and edger as well. The trimmer will prevent the outside of your home looking unkempt, and the edger will make it look like you really know what you’re doing – the edger maximizes your lawn’s potential in regards to appearance.

On a related note, you will need a power washer. This won’t just be for your home, but for your driveway and walkway. If your driveway and walkway are stained and dirty, it will nullify the beauty of your lawn. You want to drive home values up, not down.

In preparation for the fall and winter seasons, be sure to buy a chainsaw, wood chipper, leaf blower and snow blower. Try to buy the leaf blower and snow blower in the spring; you will see much cheaper prices because they’re off-season. The chainsaw will allow you cut down dying and annoying tree branches, and the wood chipper will allow you to clean up the mess.

Now you’re on your way to feeling great about your lawn and garden. Every time you approach your home, you’re going to smile with pride. It’s something you can only understand when you get there.